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Probate is the court-supervised process that begins once an individual passes away. It occurs with or without the presence of a will in which the decedent's estate is to be distributed. As an El Dorado Hills probate lawyer, I can utilize my 17 years of experience to help you through probate. I have dealt with a countless amount of simple and complex cases and I am dedicated to providing you with the legal counsel you deserve. At the Law Office of Paul R. Kraft, I understand that dealing with the loss of a loved one is already difficult enough, let alone having to divide their private belongings with the public process of the court: probate.

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In addition to assisting you through probate, I can also help you prepare and avoid the process. Not only does it take a minimum of four months to complete, but it can also be a rather costly procedure. Having the court involved means the distribution of the decedent's property goes on public record. Instead of having your family go through a complex and frustrating process.

Probate Services:

Without the presence of a will, the court is responsible for appointing an individual to take over the responsibility as the executor. The difficulty, however, is that the appointed individual must then distribute the property according to the intestate succession laws of California. The distribution under California law without a will may not be where the decedent wants their assets to go. An El Dorado County probate lawyer can assist the executor or appointed individual to help them effectively manage the estate of the decedent.

Probate with the Presence of a Will

Unless proper estate planning is done by the decedent, their estate may be handled through the courts in California. When a will is left behind, there is typically a name of an executor that is included. The court then appoints the executor to make sure that the estate is properly distributed to the heirs/beneficiaries. They are put in charge of managing the affairs of the decedent as specified within the will.

This includes:

  • Going through the probate process;
  • Collecting the assets;
  • Paying off debts and taxes;
  • Making sure the assets are properly distributed;
  • Handling the day-to-day activities; and
  • Closing the estate.

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